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Part Suppliers

Below is a list of parts suppliers to help you locate the parts needed to complete your supercar-replica project.

1. Shaved door handle kit.
These are the door poppers that remotely open the door so you can remove the exterior and even the interior door handles from your vehicle. Order two, 80 pound, door poppers so you can install one on each door. Call Street Rod World at 1-319-988-4045 or search eBay for "shaved door kit" or "door poppers kit."

2. Wheels for the Kit 360 and the GT-1 and GT-2:
Exotic Luxury Wheels Co. in Miami Florida at 305-594-4902 or see their eBay ads by finding ebay seller I.D. Pasofino-222 or searching eBay for the wheels you are looking for to complete your Supercar-Replica project.

3. Ebay is a great source for many parts you will need.

4. Shipping quotes can be found on-line or call the Freight Quote Co. At 1-800-323-5441 and ask for Misty Parker at ext. 1779 or visit their website at www.Freightquote.com

5. www.Car-part.com is a great source for used automotive parts.

6.Another good shipping broker that will give you a free shipping quote for your supercar replica body-kit is www.Echo.com or call Greg there at 1-312-784-2096.

7. Note: if you need a builder to complete your body-kit click on the accessories tab and at the bottom of that page look for a blue car and click on the tab completing your kit for a list of supercar-replica kit-car builders.

8. Any others? If you know of another good source for parts please email the information to us so we can add it to this website page.

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