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Stretch Required: Cutting the donor car in half, to make it longer so the body-kit fits.
No Stretch Required: The body kit bolts on to the donor car as is.


For more information about how to complete your kit and many other general topics like Interiors, Head Light, Door Hinges, Donor Cars, Etc. - Click here go to accessories and how to page.


Donor Car: C3 Corvette (1968 to 1982) C4 Corvette (1984 to 1996)
Add $505 for the C0-2 X6 Version which is for the C4 Corvette because we have to shorten the doors and rocker panels by 2" The CO-2 Kit was actually designed for the C3 Corvette and it fits perfectly.
No Stretch Required.


Buy this kit for only: $ 3995.

Donor car:
A donor car is defined as the car you donate to you Supercar replica project. For this kit the donor car is the C3 or C4 Corvette.
This is the easiest and cheapest Cobra Body-Kit in the world.


NOTE: If you need a shipping crate add $350.00 for the 15'x7'x3' wooden shipping crate that weighs 650lbs.

To get your order started simply e-mail johnsoncash1@gmail.com

Click HERE to view the shipping crate size and weight page.

The light gray fiberglass body-kit below is the actual C0-2 Body kit you will receive.

Note: See Pictures and Video below for the Inner Fender Liners

Note: Below Shows What you will recieve in the CO-2 Shipping Crate

CarKitInc's CKI Completed Black CO-2 Cobra album on Photobucket

C0-2 includes:
Complete exterior body-kit with the dash made into the kit.
Completed CO-2:

Mercy-2, Mercy-4, CO-2, Ash-Mart, RAVE-2:

CKI offers 3 accessories for the CO2 kit, simply request we add any additional item needed to your invoice.

3' x 5' FIberglass Filler Panel $100.00

The large complete floor-pan under the seats is $750 as shown below.

The 2 front inner fender liners are $150 for the pair as shown below.

The truck floor-pan and liner is $350. As Shown Below.

NOTE: The photo's of the completed Cobra Replica Kit-Cars are for informational purposes only. These kits were completed by other people and the only difference in these kits and CarKitInc's CO2 Body-Kit is that the CO2 doors for the C3 Corvette donor car are 8" longer and the CO2 doors for the C4 Corvette donor car are 6" longer than the actual and original Cobra.

NOTE: There is one more important difference between the CarKitInc CO-2 body kit and other Cobra body kits available on the market, and that is you can finish a CO2 Kit for under $8,995.00(Price of body-kit, donor car, wheels, upholstery, paint, windshield, accessories, etc.) and most of these completed Cobra replicas that came from other body-kit manufacturers other than CarKitInc cost over $30,000.00 to complete.

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Find out how this 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake sold for $5.5 million by clicking HERE.

CarKitInc's CO-2 Cobra Kit album on Photobucket

This red Cobra kit car above is from another body kit fiberglass manufacture, however the donor car is also a C3 Corvette. People have commented that CarKitInc's CO-2 body-kit has more curves and has an overall better appearance than the red car's body-kit pictured above, and CarKitInc's CO-2 Body Kit is more than half the price cheaper than the other fiberglass company sales this body kit which has straighter panels and is displayed on this red Replica Cobra pictured above.

Playlist of All CO-2 related videos
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To watch all the CO-2 videos go to OfficialCarKitInc's channel on YouTube and search for the CO-2 body-kit.

In the pictures below of the dark grey replica Cobra with wide silver stripes, the donor car is a 1985 C4 Corvette. Notice the chrome Corvette wheels which are bolted to this CO-2 X6 body-kit with a C4 Corvette as a donor car.
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CO2 Cobra Kit Underneath:

Installing CO2 Cobra Kit on C3 Corvette:

If the C4 corvette from the year 1984 to 1996 is your donor car, it does not matter which year C4 corvette you use because the corvette dash will be removed and that is the primary difference between the different year models.

The door panels for the CO-2 are upholstery board. Any upholstery shop can custom make your door panels by using upholstery board and covering it in vinyl. Some people also want foam padding added to their door panels. Some people prefer not have to door panels at all.

Note: If you want your steering wheel to have an airbag then you will need to buy a 1990 to 1996 corvette donor car. Note: We have extended the steering wheel column on the C3 Corvette by about 3" and this was easily done by purchasing a steering column extender adapter from Boregeson Co. and you can call them at 860-482-8283 and ask for part #033143 and our cost was $116.00. You simply remove the stock GM steering column knuckle and replace it with the extension knuckle from the Boregeson Co. and this is very easy to do with some minor shop tools like a couple of wrenches.
Note: We went with a wheel spacer that was "5x4.75 to 5x4.75" purchased on eBay for about $65.00 a piece and we used the 2" wide version spacers which made our wheels fit perfectly on the CO-2 finished car.

The CO2 is as easy to complete as taking all fiberglass off the Corvette donor car and also removing the Corvette dash. You will take all body parts off the Corvette leaving only the firewall and factory GM floorpan.

NOTE: The factory GM floorpan on the Corvette is made of fiberglass. The floorpan is the bottom part of the car that the seats set on. You will then simply bolt the CO2 Cobra Replica body-kit on the Corvette frame.
It's THAT simple!

NOTE: Some people don't put any gauges in the dash at all of their finished CO-2 kit car. For the speedometer they plug a Tom-Tom navigation device into the cigarette lighter and attach it to the windshield. The Tom-Tom displays the speed of the car on the display screen.
NOTE: Some people don't put a gas gauge in their finished CO-2 kit car. They simply open the gas tank lid and look over in it like you would a push lawnmower. In other words they visually check their gasoline level by looking down in the gas tank.

NOTE: Use the factory GM floorpan that is in the Corvette donor car and then the easiest way to complete any divider walls or even the center console is to use sheets of metal or simply use wood and then cover everything up with carpet.
Also remember that any accessory part you need to complete the CO2 supercar can be found on eBay.

Note: The photos listed on this website are of other 1967 cobra replica kits completed that also have the big-block hood 4” rise on them just like your CO2 cobra kit will have however you will only have less than $10,000.00 in your completed car whereas the kit cars listed here cost well over $25,000.00 to complete.

Most Cobra body-kits cost over $10,000.00 just for the kit then you have the expense of building the chassis and buying the motor and transmission, however with the CarKitInc Cobra CO2 Body-Kit you can buy your donor car for under $2,000.00 and your CO2 body-kit which also comes with the interior kit for only $5,750.00 $3,995.00


CarKitInc refers to this body-kit as a “CO2” which is CarKitInc’s product trade name for this cobra body-kit.

CO2 Kit General Info Video:

CO2 Windshield, Gas Tank,and Grill-Mesh

Note: Please understand that the doors will be a little longer on the CO2 Kit versus the real Shelby Cobra.
The CarKitInc.com Body Kit known as the "CO2 Body-Kit" will fit on the C3 Corvette (1968 to 1982) and the only difference in it and the real Cobra will be that the doors and rocker panel will be 8" longer.
When the CO2 kit is placed on the C4 Corvette (1984 to 1996) the only difference is that the CO2 kit will be 6" longer in the doors and rocker panel. The CO2 body-kit will fit on both the C3 or C4 Corvette donor car.
The reason we recommend the C3 corvette is because the CO2 kit will only be 8" longer than the real Shelby Cobra and the CO2 Kit was designed for the C3 Corvette and fits perfectly.
Also we have completed a CO2 Kit with a C3 Corvette Donor Car and we know from personal experience that everything fit perfectly.
Also remember you will have a very strong V8 motor in the Corvette donor car.
Note: Please let us know when you place your order if you are going to put the CO2 Body-Kit on the C3 or C4 Corvette donor car.
We refer to the two different kits as the "CO2 X8 for the C3” or the “CO2 X6 for the C4.

Black CO2 KIT:

Cobra completed kit (for informational purposes only)

Silver CO2

White CO2

The videos below are showing progress of the CO2 kit being installed on the C3 Corvette.

Note: This information is related to using deep dish wide wheels on your finished car. The C3 Corvette is more narrow than the C4 corvette; therefore, deep dish wheels will easily fit on the C3 corvette for your completed CO2 Replica car.
If you want deep dish wheels on the C4 Corvette you can always do a little fiberglass work on the rear fenders of the CO2 body-kit which will extend the quarter panels out about 3” to 4” or whatever length you need to cover the deep dish wheels with wide tires that you add on the rear of your completed CO2 Replica car.

Wheel & Tire information:
You can make these sizes fit on either the C3 or C4 Corvette:
Wheels: 18x8 front and 18x11 rear with tires being 255-45-18 front and 305-45-18 rear. Also know that there are thousands of different wheels and tires to choose from that you can make work on your finished car. Wheel adapters can be added to make the bolt pattern line-up correctly and the adapters will also make the wheels the correct width to fit the CO2 body-kit.

Note: Complete a CO2 body-kit and resale it on eBay or Autotrader.com for big profits! You can easily complete the project for around $10k to $12k depending on your accessories and labor cost.
Note: You can by a rolled over or wrecked corvette donor car for under $2k and there is more information on wrecked donor cars on the accessories page of carkitinc.

Note: Both versions of the CO2 kit are available for sale. Both versions are described as: The CO2x8 for the C3 Vette (1968 to 1982); aswell as the CO2x6 for the C4 Vette (1984 to 1996).

Note: When you send the $515.00 deposit by PayPal make sure you put in the PayPal message box either “CO2x8 body-kit for a C3 Vett” or “CO2x6 body-kit for a C4 Vett”.

The CO2 kit is made up of 5 parts which include:
Full size, one piece body-kit, hood panel, trunk panel and two doors.
(Note: The dash is made into the body-kit)

Note: Also when you make you deposit make sure we have your address, phone and email by including that in your paypal message or by sending it to us by email.

Note: All accessories like windshield and side exhaust pipes can be bought from ebay.

Note: The windshield we recommend is $740.00 plus $40.00 for shipping from fenderboy replica components. Contact them by email:

Note: For this exact windshield you can also search ebay for item #170427125574 or search eBay for eBay seller named hardrockchicken

Note: Use the Vette’s interior or have an upholstry shop redo the seats and also have them make door panels using upholstry cardboard with foam and vinyl to complete your door panels. The gear shifter and steering wheel can be used from the Vett.

Note: To Extend the Corvette Steering wheel you can purchase a joint direct from Borgeson Co. PN: Vj-16N730X148 Call 860-482-8283 and ask for Larry.

The shipping crate size is:
181” long by 87” wide by 45” tall and 650 pounds and most people book their shipping through misty at freightquote.com. Click on the shipping tab of carkitinc to read more shipping details.


For the CO2 Body Kit to fit on a C4 Corvette we suggest you review the following information and photographs:
It is on a C4 1985 Vette chassis. Body shortened 1 1/2 inch. Steering shaft lengthened 5 1/2 inch. Outer tube lengthened new flange fabricated and welded to tube and bolted back to firewall. You cannot use longer u-joint as it is close to fire wall and would be inside of car. Steering tube extension mount fabricated and bolted to aluminum cross member under dash. Ignition switch moved rearward to clear steering tube brackets, rod from ignition switch to key shortened. Battery moved to trunk for easy access. Corvette body has to be air chiseled off frame as it is glued on, no body mounts! Rear frame extension and gas tank removed, Top of dash cut off to clear Cobra body. Fabricated fiberglass firewall to cover open spaces and holes, welded in steel tubing in door jamb to bolt windshield frame to. Fabricate angle iron frame to mount fuel cell into and drill holes in fear frame cross member to mount battery box. Next fiberglass Cobra body on to Vett frame. Fabricated front body mounts to weld on to front frame rails, glassed to inside of front fenders. Cut down radiator housing to slip up and down between frame rails, bolt to inside of frame rails instead of on top so radiator can drop down to replace or work on. Fabricated rear sub frame from steel tubing, bolt and weld to frame rails and glass to rear of body under trunk opening. Fiberglass in trunk area. Fabricate and install brackets for hood pins, install rear pins and fit hood. Fit trunk lid and install hinges latch and license plate light. Next the fun part, the doors! Doors cut and fitted to opening. Glass in a angle iron frame to door for rigidity and strength. Glass a lip around edge of doors. Hinges cut from 3/16 inch plate and angle iron, 3/8 inch tube and 3/8 inch bolt. Weld together and bolt to plates with threaded shafts that are glassed to doors and front fenders. Mount door latches to steel 1x4 inch steel tubing glassed to doors,mount other half of latch in door jam and of course slot everything for adjustments.Spend lots of time filling and sanding, then paint, install lights, mirrors etc. and enjoy!

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